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Training Your Dog

Make your dog understand what is expected of him. Dogs like to please you.

Always praise your dog for its good behavior. Physical punishment is not recommended, as it is not as effective as praise and encouragement. No treat should be awarded, if the dog does not follow the command.

Training can be done by yourself or a professional. There are two types of training:

  • behavioral training

  • obedience training.

Behavioral training

Jumping, car chasing, climbing on furniture, and chewing are just a few examples of undesired behaviors. Behavioral training prevents bad habits that your dog may develop. This training also can correct bad habits that your dog already developed. It is very important to be consistent during the training process.

Obedience training

Obedience training is training the dog to obey certain commands such as sit, stay, and come. Practice sit, stay and come in a safe area such as in your backyard, which is fenced.

Train your dog with these commands several times a day for short sessions. Train your dog two or three times a day, and spend ten to fifteen minutes in each session. This will need to be done over weeks, and the sessions should be short and frequent. Do not do this for a long period of time. Dogs learn better with lots of short sessions rather than a long one. Ten 1-minute sessions are much better than the one hour long session.

Remain consistent. Do not allow your dog to do something one day and not the next, as this will confuse your dog. Training your dog right before meals will help the dog to associate its meal with a reward for the training. This would make your dog more interested in the food treat that you use in your training session.

Stop the training, if you become frustrated. Remember that dogs can read human emotions, and dogs know how you are feeling. Your dog can sense frustration, and they may learn to dislike the training sessions, as they associate training with a negative feeling coming from you. If you get frustrated, stop and try again later.

Remember not to get impatient, as you most probably have to repeat the command many times. Stay positive, and take the time to play with your dog during the training sessions, when the dog follows your command correctly, praise and reward your dog. This will teach your dog that following commands is happy, fun and rewarding.




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