Dog and puppy training - Understanding your dog or puppy Part 2

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Toilet Training or House Breaking your puppy or Dog

Part 2 : Toilet Training or House Breaking your puppy

At birth, a puppy does not hear or see. They only have the smell senses at birth. It is this strong smell senses that toilet training of a puppy should begin at day one after birth. Otherwise, toilet training will be very difficult later on. It will take a very much longer time and great patient is needed.

A puppy’s eyes will be opened only after 10 to 12 days after birth. The hearing will only begin to develop after 21 days. When the puppy’s sight and hearing develop, their ability to smell reduces.

The sleeping and eating place of the puppies have to be kept very clean. Frequent cleaning and changing of underlying paper, if paper is used, is a must. This will instill a habit of cleanliness on the puppy and they will not pee and poop in these places.

By the 3rd weeks, when the puppies are more mobile, a separate potty station has to be setup a short distant from their sleeping place.

The potty station should be a color that is different from the floor color in the eyes of the puppies. If the floor is white, a blue potty station will be very distinctive from the floor.

Next, place newspaper in the potty station as shown. 

Puppies cannot hold their bladder much and many accidents of peeing outside the potty station will happen. You need to clean up the pee and any of their poop stain brought out from the potty station when the puppies step on it. Keep the potty station as smelly as possible. Keep their sleeping and playing space have to be kept as clean as possible.

As the smell sense of puppies is very good, you have to ensure the pee and poop stains are cleaned up properly. Normal cleaner liquid may not remove the smell stain. White vinegar which is pretty inexpensive can be used to remove the smell stain.

By the 6 or 7 weeks, you will be amazed that all the puppies go to the potty station to poop or pee. But, sometimes the will be poops and pees just outside the potty station. This is because they start to poop when their head is already in the potty station but their butts is outside the potty station. 


Important Note :
1) The sleeping space should not be too large. For one puppy, a fenced space of 3 feet by 6 feet will work fine. As the puppy grows bigger, you have to increase the space slowly. Each time there is accident, reduce the space. Do not suddenly give the puppy the whole garden space. They will be confused and start to poop or pee anywhere.

2) The potty station should not be too far away from their sleeping space in the beginning. It must be large enough for the puppy to move in a circle within it.

3) You have to decide a space where you want you puppy to poop and pee when they grow up. The potty station has to place there. Keep the potty station location fixed.

4) When the puppy is 6 months old, you may remove the potty station and watch whether your puppy knows how to go to the designated space to poop and pee. If your puppy is confused, place back the potty station and try removing it again in a month’s time.

5) When you see the puppy pooping or peeing in the potty station, immediately say the word “toilet” or any other word that you like to use. Praise the puppy and give the puppy his favorite reward when he has finished his business.  The command used here will be useful when the puppy grows up. You can use the command when you want the puppy to poop or pee at the right place just after his meal or before taking him out to the park.




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