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I am born to make you happy.


Do you have the time to take care of me? Not for 1 week or 2 weeks. It is a commitment of my life span as a dog .... 12 to 15 years.

We, dogs, do not have Saturday, Sunday or public holidays. Everyday is just another new day for us.

Are you patient enough to train me without loosing your head? Otherwise, you'll confuse me.

Are you prepared to walk me every day inclusive of Sunday & Public holiday? Because I do not count and I do not have a calendar.

Are you prepared to show me consistent leadership? ... putting your emotions aside and seeing me as a dog with patient without getting angry.

If you humans better understood us, you could prevent many dog bites and other behavioral problems. Make us understand what you are trying to communicate. Learn how I think will help you to learn how to communicate with me. And, I will make you happy. You will enjoy having me as your pet.



When you see the problematic behaviors in me as a dog, trace your problem back to the way you treat me. My abnormal behaviors as a dog includes excessive barking, not following your commands, running off from you, turn the trash upside down, destroying things in your house, chewing your shoes, etc. I am not born like this.... I am confused what is right or wrong??? You confused me :( because you don't understand me.

We, dogs, live in the moment. We do not think or plan. We just react innocently. Meaning, I never think or plan, "I am going to bite that mailman today." When we dogs bite human, usually it is humanís fault for not communicating correctly with us. There are no bad dogs, just uneducated owners. Whether you are going to have adorable fun pet or not, it all depends on how much time you spend understanding me, and how much time you spend with me. If you do not have time for me, you probably should not have me as your pet. Both me and yourself will have miserable life.

If you do not understand me, and do not have the time for me, how can I make you happy?

Maybe you should read this, "Dogs Can Feel You, their sixth sense can read your emotion."

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Puppy for Sale              Puppy Training           Dog Training            About Dobermann

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