Dog and puppy training - Understanding your dog or puppy Part 1.

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Toilet Training or House Breaking your puppy or Dog

Part 1 : Understanding the anatomy of dogs in toilet training

Humans communicate in this order...

1. Hearing
2. Seeing
3. Smelling

Dogs communicate in this order...

1. Smelling
2. Seeing

3. Hearing

Both humans and dogs have the same three senses sight, hearing and smelling. We communicate in this order hearing, seeing, and then smelling. However, dogs primarily communicate by smelling, seeing and lastly hearing.

A dog’s sense of smell is many, many times more sensitive than us. While we can smell something like curry sauce as one smell, a dog can smell each individual ingredient in the curry sauce. Dogs can also smell the precise direction the sense come from.

When a dog smells something, it can get an entire story in detail. From this, they have the ability to know about another dog or human including what they have eaten, where they have been, what they have touched, and so on. When your dog smells, they are actually reading a story, not just smelling an interesting scent.

"Are dogs color blind"? No, not exactly. Studies have shown that dogs see in various shades of blue, yellow and gray colors.

For example, purple is only seen as shades of blue by dogs, because purple is a mixture of red and blue, and dogs do not see red. Red is seen as black or dark gray.

Orange, yellow and green colors are all seen as various shades of yellow in a dog’s eyes. This means that a bright orange toy is seen as yellowish shade in the green grass which is also shade of yellow. If you want your dog to clearly see his toys in the green grass, give the dog blue toys. But if you have orange, yellow or green toys, the dog will find them with his nose.

Dogs can see the best at sunset and dawn. Their low light vision is much better than us. Dogs can recognize moving objects better, and sometimes overlook the same object when it is still.


Dogs can hear higher pitched sounds that humans cannot hear. They hate high pitch sound. They often bark when a microwave oven is turned on, because they can hear a very annoying high pitch sound of the microwave oven. Anyway, both humans and dogs loose the ability to hear certain frequencies, as they get older.

Dogs can move their ears, as they have more muscles in their ears.  They can move their ears to the direction the sound is coming from to be more attentive.

Dogs with perked ears can usually hear better than dogs with hanging ears, especially if they can move their ears in the sound direction.


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  Do you know?

A dog, who is born deaf, does not know that he is deaf. He does not know that everyone else can hear. Unlike human, dogs do not dwell on their disability, as they do not think about it that way. In other words, you do not need to feel sorry for a deaf dog, because they do not feel sorry for themselves.

Anyway, deaf dogs rely more on their sense of smell and eye sight, as those senses are more sensitive. When grooming a deaf dog, do not cut off their whiskers, as dogs use them to sense the distance of things around them.



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